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I source inspiration from the outdoors, natural textures and colours. I mostly work with acrylics, but I love exploring different mediums. I create paintings to add colour and texture to people’s homes, combining my love for interiors and painting. 

I have always had a passion for creating, as a child I would spend hours painting while my brothers played. Alongside this passion to create was the dream to run my own business. While doing my GCSEs and working as a nanny I started my first business Lily Bell, my childhood nickname, sewing off-cut fabric animals onto children's t-shirts and selling them at local school fairs. After studying textile design and photography at A level, I progressed to study Textile Design at degree level in Falmouth University. There, my love for creating and the coast came together. On graduating I joined my brother who was in the process of transforming Tobias Illustrations into Illustrate, an artist collective originated in Bristol. I joined to support him with the product design, website editing and interior design of the store, but soon the role grew into managing the store. Six months later we expanded to Cardiff where I set up and ran Illustrate Cardiff. 

Now I spend my days exploring the coast with my pup Arthur, working as a Retail Manager at Illustrate and creating for Lily Grace Designs.